Nubian Hair Studio

So about two weeks ago I attempted to recolor my roots by myself and I ended up with really blonde hair that I didn’t like. I used the dark & lovely light golden blonde box dye because someone told me when you color your roots go one shade up, so that’s what I thought I did but my hair ended up turning out the color on the box -.-

My next thought was to go to a beauty salon I use to go to before I went natural and that a BAD IDEA LOL.

I really wanted to believe that the beautician could fix my problem and tone my hair color down but that wasn’t the case, she made it worst.

I specifically said to her I wanted her to tone the blonde down and give me the color I had before which was a dark honey blonde…


But instead I ended up with red hair….

I was soooo pissed off that I just walked out, my mom said I should have stayed so she could fix her mistake.

At this point I just said to myself I would keep my hair this color because I did this to myself in the first place by trying to color my roots MYSELF lol.

I kept looking at myself with this hair color and said this is just not me, so of course I had to start pondering again on my next move.

I Go-ogled a few natural hair care beauty salons and came across one located in the Bronx and decided to give it a try.

The place was called Nubian Hair Studio, I hoped that they would be able to fix my hair, I took my boyfriend along with me for support and they decided they wanted to do both of our hair and use us for a photo shoot. I went along with it because I wanted my hair fixed.

Our experience at the Nubian hair studio was very nice, the people were very pleasant and did their best at trying to make us feel comfortable.

The end result was nice and my hair is now really dark brown 🙂 which is close to my natural hair color so I’m happy again 🙂





If you would like to check out the Nubian Hair Studio you can find them on Facebook.

Just click on the link below.


Birthday Post :)

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite singer’s Beyonce !!! I admire Beyonce’s work ethic and beauty. 🙂   I hope you enjoy your day B 🙂

I know I do not know B personally but she seems to have a very nice and giving personality and when I see that in people I really give them credit because in life we do not always come across people who are beautiful on the inside and out.

P.S my birthday is Sept 6th :):) && i’ll be 21 😉



Yesterday for the 4th of July me and my boyfriend walked around the city for a good while to catch some fireworks & now I have a sore leg 😦 lol I’m currently sitting with a ice pack under my leg i’ll try to blog more tommorrow srry.


Thought of the Day

It would be cool if we lived in a world where everyone was happy and jealousy didn’t exist. I feel like life can already be hard as it is for some of us due to the economy, so why people hate on each other just doesn’t make any sense to me. You should love yourself for who you are and treat people how you would like to be treated. Life is too short, you should be working on bettering yourself as a person so you don’t have much time to hate on the next person and when you take time with yourself you will be able to help others happily without feeling like you have to just because. It doesn’t pay to be selfish, remember everyone has feelings and people will remember you for how you treat them. If we all come together as one, we can all make a difference in the world.